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The Best of JESC – The Netherlands

The Netherlands has sent an entry to every Junior Eurovision Song Contest since its creation in 2003. The Netherlands is one of only two countries to have taken part in every Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the other one being Belarus.

AVRO is responsible for the organisation of the Dutch Junior Eurovision Song Contest entry. A national final has been organised by AVRO to select the entry, called ‘Junior Songfestival’. Entrants write their own songs and send it to the broadcaster, where the public decide the winner.

The Netherlands has won the contest once – in 2009 Ralf Mackenbach went on to victory at the 2009 Contest in Kiev, Ukraine with his song “Click Clack”, beating runners-up Russia and Armenia by just five points. This was the Netherlands’ first win at any Eurovision Contest since the Eurovision Song Contest 1975.

The 2007 Contest was held in the Netherlands, at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. The 2012 contest was held in the Netherlands as well, making it the first country to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest twice.

The Best of JESC - The Netherlands

Video 2011 - Rachel - Teenager 565
Video 2013 - Mylène & Rosanne - Double Me 429
Video 2009 - Ralf - Click Clack 415
Video 2012 - Femke - Tik Tak Tik 414
Video 2005 - Tess - Stupid 405
Video 2007 - Lisa, Amy & Shelley - Adem In, Adem Uit 354
Video 2010 - Anna & Senna - My Family 345
Video 2008 - Marissa - 1 Dag 249
Video 2003 - Roel Felius - Mijn Ogen Zeggen Alles 206
Video 2006 - Kimberly - Goed 191
Video 2004 - Klaartje & Nicky - Hij Is Een Kei 139

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