Ukraine final 2014

Ukraine final 2014

Videoduet Anna Maria - 5 Stars Hotel12
VideoNatalia Valevska - Love makes you beautiful10
VideoStas Shurins - Why8
VideoVladimir Tkachenko - Be where you are7
VideoAnna Khodorovska - If there is love6
VideoMarietta - It\'s my live5
VideoTanya Burke - Believe me4
VideoMary Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock3
VideoDennis Lyubimov - Love2
VideoVictoria Petrik - Love is lord1
VideoTanya Shyrko - Let Go
VideoVictor Romanchenko - At the edge of the abyss
VideoIllariya - I\\\'m alive
VideoShanis - My Soul
VideoULI RUD - Tsvetok
VideoRoman Polonsky - Wanted dead or alive
VideoAnatoly Shparov - Waiting for you
VideoLisa Vassabi - No fear
VideoEugene Litvinkovych - Strelyannaya Bird
Videogroup NeAngely - Courageous

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