The Best of JESC – Sweden

Sweden has participated at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 10 times since its inception in 2003. Two broadcasters have been responsible for Sweden’s entries at Junior Eurovision – from 2003 to 2005 Sveriges Television (SVT) was responsible, before withdrawing with other Nordic broadcasters. From 2006 to 2009, commercial broadcaster TV4 has been responsible for Sweden’s entry at the Junior Eurovision.

TV4 withdrew from the 2008 Contest after two entries due to other plans being made during the time of the contest, however they have confirmed that they will return to the contest for 2009.

On 9 April 2010, TV4 decided to withdraw again from Junior Eurovision in Minsk. However the EBU confirmed on 28 July that Sweden would be in the contest, after SVT decided to return to the contest.

The Best of JESC - Sweden

Video2006: Molly Sandén - Det finaste någon kan få662
Video2009: Mimmi Sandén - Du658
Video2011: Erik Rapp - Faller552
Video2007: Frida Sandén - Nu Eller Aldrig541
Video2010: Josefine Ridell - Allt jag vill ha536
Video2012: Lova Sönnerbo - Mitt mod492
Video2013: Eliias - Det är dit vi ska475
Video2004: Limelights - Varför Jag322
Video2003: The Honeypies - Stoppa Mig238
Video2005: M+ - Gränslös Kärlek217

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