The Best of JESC – Semifinal 2

The last Semi-Final of the second stage of “The Best Of JESC” is now open!

The second stage is formed by two semi-finals and 16 participants randomly selected competing in each one. You can vote for your favourites of the Second Semi-Final below:

The Best of JESC – Semifinal 2

Video07 - Russia: Ekaterina Ryabova - Malenky Prints983
Video12 - The Netherlands: Rachel - Teenager969
Video04 - Malta: Gaia Cauchi - The Start948
Video06 - Belarus: Lidiya Zablotskaya - Angely Dobra847
Video02 - Sweden: Molly Sandén - Det finaste någon kan få780
Video03 - Armenia: Arevik - Erazanq733
Video16 - United Kingdom: Cory Spedding - The Best Is Yet To Come636
Video01 - San Marino: Michele Perniola - O-o-O Sole intorno a me534
Video11 - Norway: Malin - Sommer Og Skolefri500
Video15 - Georgia: Candy - Candy Music491
Video05 - FYR Macedonia: Bobi Andonov - Prati Mi SMS484
Video14 - Cyprus: Rafaella Costa - Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia412
Video08 - Bulgaria: Bon-Bon - BonBolandia397
Video10 - Romania: Mădălina & Andrada - Salvaţi Planeta!365
Video13 - Switzerland: Demis Mirarchi - Birichino147
Video09 - Serbia & Montenegro: Filip Vučić - Ljubav Pa Fudbal112

Number of voters: 161

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