The Best of JESC – Semifinal 1

The next stage will be formed by two semi-finals and 16 participants randomly selected competing in each one.

The Best of JESC – Semifinal 1

Video02 - Spain: Maria Isabel - Antes Muerta Que Sencilla1027
Video09 - Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk - Nebo984
Video14 - Belgium: Laura - Zo Verliefd (Yodelo)946
Video08 - Israel: - Let The Music Win855
Video07 - Croatia: Dino Jelusić - Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav827
Video06 - Serbia: Sonja Škorić - Čarobna Noć806
Video01 - Moldova: Lerika - No, No750
Video11 - Denmark: Anne - Arabiens Drøm677
Video04 - Latvia: Šarlote & Sea Stones - Viva La Dance653
Video10 - Lithuania: Eglė Jurgaitytė - Laiminga Diena636
Video05 - Azerbaijan: Rustam Karimov - Me and My Guitar403
Video12 - Greece: Alexandros and Kalli - Tora Einai I Seira Mas387
Video16 - Albania: Igzidora Gjeta - Kam Një Këngë Vetëm Për Ju315
Video03 - France: Thomas - Si On Voulait Bien272
Video15 - Portugal: Pedro Madeira - Deixa-me Sentir144
Video13 - Poland: KWADro - Lap Zycie120

Number of voters: 169

About Miguel Pons

Hi, I am Miguel from Castellón (Spain), Eurovision follower since I was a child; I became a huge fan when Serio Dalma represented Spain in Italy. I am the owner of the web site and editor of the Spanish version. Graphic design is my other favourite hobby so I develop my skills thorough video edition and graphics on both web-sites.
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