The Best of JESC – Russia

Russia first competed in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Their first win came in 2006, when the Tomachevy Twins won for Russia with “Vesenniy Jazz”.

RTR has represented Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster has selected Ekaterina Ryabova to represent Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Kiev with the song “Malenkiy prints”. Ekaterina Ryabova represented Russia once again in 2011 with the song “Kak Romeo i Dzhulyetta”. She was also the first returning artist in the history of the Junior Eurovision.

The Best of JESC - Russia

Video2009 - Ekaterina Ryabova - Malenky Prints795
Video2012 - Lerika - Sensation771
Video2013 - Dayana Kirillova - Dream On721
Video2006 - Sisters Tolmachevy - Vesenniy Jazz679
Video2011 - Katya Ryabova - Romeo And Juliet667
Video2010 - Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin - Boy And Girl497
Video2005 - Vlad Krutskikh & Street Magic - Doroga K Solntsu384
Video2008 - Mikhail Puntov - Spit Angel368
Video2007 - Alexandra Golovchenko - Otlichnitsa354

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