The Best of JESC – Greece

Here is the poll for the first vote in the Best of the JESC 2014 campaign.

Greece competed in the first JESC in 2003 and in every event until the 2008 JESC, after which they withdrew and haven’t competed since. It is appropriate that we start with Greece as they were the opening act of the first 3 JESCs.

Greece have not been very successful at JESC, with 6th place being the highest position that they have achieved. They did make a top 10 position in the first 3 years but finished lower than 10th in their remaining attempts. Greece has received 6 lots of 12 points, mostly from Cyprus (4 times) but also from Malta and Croatia (once each).

Remember, you can only vote once in each poll, if you vote more than one time, only the first points will be counted.

The Best of JESC - Greece

Video2005 - Alexandros and Kalli - Tora Einai I Seira Mas699
Video2008 - Niki Yiannouchu - Kapoia Nychta585
Video2004 - Secret Band - O Palios Mou Eaftos556
Video2003 - Nicolas Ganopoulos - Fili gia panta542
Video2006 - Chloe Sofia Boleti - Den Peirazei499
Video2007 - Made In Greece - Kapou Mperdeftika431

Number of voters: 69

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