The Best of JESC – FYR Macedonia

Macedonia, present in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest under the provisional reference of “former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, participated at every Junior Eurovision Song Contest since the competition commenced in 2003 and until 2011.

The country’s best performance at the contest has been 5th place, achieved twice to date – in 2007 when Macedonia was represented by Rosica Kulakova and Dimitar Stojmenovski with “Ding Ding Dong”; and again in 2008 with Bobi Andonovand “Prati mi SMS”. Their worst performance came in 2006, with Zana Aliu coming 15th and last in the contest.

On 13 July 2012, MKRTV withdrew from the contest due to issues with the voting process in the contest and the lack of budget available for participation. However in 2013 Macedonia announced its return to the competition to be held in Kiev. On 4 September 2014, Macedonia announced its withdrawal from the 2014 event in Malta.

The Best of JESC - FYR Macedonia

Video2008 - Bobi Andonov - Prati Mi SMS625
Video2010 - Anja Veterova - Magična Pesna (Eo, Eo)558
Video2007 - Rosica & Dimitar - Ding Ding Dong542
Video2013 - Barbara Popović - Ohrid i muzika540
Video2003 - Marija& Viktorija - Ti Ne Me Poznavaš509
Video2009 - Sara Markoska - Za Ljubovta450
Video2005 - Denis Dimoski - Rodendeski Baknež436
Video2004 - Martina Siljanovska - Zabava411
Video2006 - Zana Aliu - Vljubena333
Video2011 - Dorijan Dlaka - Žimi Ovoj Frak288

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