The Best of JESC – Cyprus

Cyprus was another of the countries that competed in the first JESC. Cyprus took part in all JESC events until the 2009 event after which they withdrew until returning for the next show. In 2005 Cyprus only participated by voting for the other acts after their song had to be withdrawn at the last minute.

Cyprus have not been very successful at JESC, not having finished higher than 8th place. Cyprus have received a total of 5 lots of 12 points, all from Greece.

The Best of JESC - Cyprus

Video2009 - Rafaella Costa - Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia718
Video2004 - Marios Tofi - Onira671
Video2006 - Louis & Christina - Agoria, Koritsia657
Video2008 - Elena Mannouri & Charis Savva - Yioupi Yia628
Video2007 - Yiorgos Ioannides - I Mousiki Dinei Ftera564
Video2003 - Theodora Rafti - Efhi554

Number of voters: 79

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