The Best of JESC – Croatia

Croatia was one of the countries that competed in the first JESC, and performed in the second position on the draw, and competed in every JESC event until 2006, after which they withdrew and have not competed since.

Croatia are the only country to have won the competition on their debut having won the opening event. They were also very successful in their second year, finishing in third position. Though they were unable to repeat this initial success in the remaining years before their withdrawal. Croatia received a total of 6 lots of 12 points, mostly from FYR Macedonia (3 times) but also from Norway, Romania and the united Kingdom (once each).

For all four years, Croatia sent solo performers without any backing singers nor dancers. They sent 2 boys and 2 girls, including brother and sister Dino and Lorena Jelusić.

The Best of JESC - Croatia

Video2003 - Dino Jelusić - Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav851
Video2004 - Nika Turković - Hej Mali741
Video2005 - Lorena Jelusić - Rock Baby592
Video2006 - Mateo Đido - Lea582

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