The Best of JESC – Belarus

Belarus has been participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2003, prior to participating in the Eurovision Song Contest the following year. Belarus is one of only two countries that have won the contest twice, in 2005 and 2007, the other being Georgia, and one of two countries that have entered Junior Eurovision every year since its inception, the other being the Netherlands.

Belarus hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010, at the Minsk-Arena in Minsk. The broadcaster selected Danii Kozlov to represent Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in hometown with the song “Muzikyi svet”.

The Best of JESC - Belarus

Video2011 - Lidiya Zablotskaya - Angely Dobra925
Video2005 - Kseniya Sitnik - My Vmeste800
Video2013 - Ilya Volkov - Poy so Mnoy695
Video2008 - Dasha, Alina & Karyna - Serdtse Belarusi599
Video2007 - Aliaksei Zhyhalkovich - S Druzyami596
Video2003 - Volha & Katsiaryna - Tantsui511
Video2006 - Andrei Kunets - Novyi Den487
Video2010 - Daniil Kozlov - Muzyki Svet419
Video2012 - Egor Zheshko - A More-More352
Video2004 - Yahor Vauchok - Spiavaitse Sa Mnoyu270
Video2009 - Yury Demidovich - Volshebnyi Krolik262

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